Researchers believe that the use of Goat milk or Olive Oil ingredients can reduce and even clear out acne.

Goat Milk Line goat milk cosmetic line

Our Goat Milk formula is rich in nutrients and minerals. It is gentle enough to be used on all skin types including sensitive and dry skin. We use REAL FRESH Milk.

Olive Oil Line olive oil cosmetic line

Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with added Wheat Protein for extra shine and moisture, Olivasoft smoothes, heals, softens and protects the skin and hair.

private labels our Products your brands

Let us help you expand your business and your brand by creating a signature product line for resale in your stores. We can also custom - make sample size soap. 

What makes us different?
Unlike mass producers of soap, we take pride with our ingredients and production process, ensuring that any product we use is natural and effective. And unlike small producers of custom-made soaps, we are able to produce on a very large scale for demanding and expanding clients.
Try It!
We always get emails and letter about how amazing our soap feels compared to others. We simply ask you to try our products and FEEL the difference yourself. You will love the soft and delicate sensation and the veriety of natural inredients we use; whether its goat milk, olive oil or shea butter, we know yuo will love the product. So go ahead, try it!